Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Sarah's Study Abroad!

Many of our sisters love to take advantage of the many travel opportunities that the University of Utah offers. Our sister Sarah Lervik was able to travel to Washington DC and share her experience with us. Here is her story below!

Name: Sarah Lervik
Major: International Studies (Emphasis in Foreign Relations and Security)
Year: Senior
Where I Went: Washington, DC
Hometown: Cottonwood Heights, Utah

Over this past spring semester, I had the pleasure of interning for the Overseas Security Advisory Council (OSAC) within the U.S. Department of State as a Research and Analysis intern. OSAC is responsible for helping the private sector handle threats abroad. I learned so much about different countries and what threats are important to each individual organization, whether they are entertainment companies, faith based, or anything in between. Apart from my internship, I got to spend 10 weeks in the wonderful city of Washington, DC!

I attended the annual Earth Day concert, which featured artists such as Usher, Fall Out Boy, and No Doubt. It was a free concert, which was held on the National Mall lawn.

In April, the Hinckley Institute of Politics paid for all of the interns to attend a Washington Nationals game. It was really cold outside, but I had never been to a Major League Baseball game before. It was a really awesome experience, even though they lost!

At the end of April, one of our graduated Pi Phi sisters, Tanya, invited me to go to the White House Garden Tour with her and her husband. It happens twice a year, once in the spring and once in the fall. It was super fun to be able to spend time with Tanya while also getting an up close and personal tour of the White House Gardens.

Being in Pi Phi really helped me during my internship and while in Washington, DC. Being Vice President of Finance for Pi Phi gave me the leadership and teamwork skills that helped me during our team meetings and collaborating with other colleagues while writing reports.

One of our values, sincere friendship, really showed when Tanya helped me get settled in as I arrived in Washington, DC.  Even though we weren’t close when she was an active, she was so welcoming when I reached out to her about being in Washington, DC for a while!

Sunday, April 12, 2015

February and March 2015


We had such a fun country line dancing date dash in February! We were able to learn some new dance skills and put country hats and boots on and get to line dancing. Thank you to our VP Event Planning, Caitlin Jarratt, for putting this on!

The Panhellenic sisterhood this month was a blast! We loved getting to know our Panhellenic sisters! We were able to meet so many more people and create new friendships with all of the girls on Greek Row! The Greek community is amazing and we are grateful for the opportunity to create new relationships with one another! Panhellenic love! 

This year we were able to have a whole entire week devoted to sisterhood! This year's sister week included many fun events like sisterhoods, big sister appreciation day, and a delicious breakfast! We want to thank our VP Membership, Kylie English, for putting on such a successful and fun Sister Week!

Happy birthday to all of our angels born in the month of February!
2/2: Sydney Hall
2/5: Kristina Coppers
2/6: Kelly Walker
2/7: Gianna Cassidenti
2/17: Aimee Nakamura
2/21: Alexis Matthews
2/24: Rachel Yaworsky


Alexis Matthews, our VP Philanthropy, put on a phenomenal philanthropy week during the month of March. Our philanthropy week included an event called "Pie a Pi Phi" where members of the community were able to come to the Pi Phi house and throw pies in Pi Phis faces. It was all in good fun and all proceeds went to literacy efforts. We also had a fun event called Arrow Spike, which was a volleyball tournament that members of the community were able to participate in! A special shout out goes to Pi Kappa Alpha and Delta Gamma for winning Arrow Spike this year! Our philanthropy week also fell over Fraternity Day of Service, where Utah Alphas were able to go to a local elementary school and read to students! Such a fun week, thank you Alexis!

This month we were able to finally initiate 2 of our continuing new members, Mia Fisher and Lydia Morley! We are so happy to officially be able to call you active members of Pi Beta Phi! We also want to thank our VP Fraternity Development, Makayla Johnson, for putting on her first initiation! Great job!

Many of our sisters traveled to various locations for spring break this year! We are happy that everyone had such a fun and safe break, spent with family and friends.

Sunday, February 22, 2015

January 2015

With the start of 2015, the installation of a new executive council occurred. We said goodbye to our driven and accomplished 2014 executive council and welcomed a new and eager group of women who are excited to work closely to better our chapter! Our new executive council includes:
Chapter President: Afton Lane
Vice President Member Development: Maddie Rogers
Vice President Membership: Kylie English
Vice President Fraternity Development: Makayla Johnson
Vice President Administration: Rachel Benvegnu
Vice President Communications: Anna Christensen
Vice President Philanthropy: Alexis Matthews
Vice President Event Planning: Caitlin Jarrat
Vice President Housing: Michelle Grahame
Vice President Finance: Sierra Allen

Thank you 2014 exec, your shoes are going to be hard to fill!!!

We also had an amazing time during our ice-skating exchange with the gentlemen of Sigma Phi Epsilon! It was a blast creating stronger friendships with these wonderful men! Thank you for the great exchange!

Utah Alpha had two sisterhoods in January. One was a super fun spa night, equipped with sugar scrubs, nail painting, and of course many treats and snacks. We all had a great time! Another, was a Zumba-thon in memory of our sister Asha Davenport who passed away three years ago on January 26th. Asha loved Zumba, so we were able to remember her and dance to great music with our sisters. We love and miss you Asha! 

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Happy Holidays!

Pi Phi wishes everyone a safe and happy holidays!

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Pi Phi Date Night!

For our fall date night this year the Pi Phis chose a date and treated them to a Preseason Jazz Basketball game! The girls and their dates had a great time and were able to root for the Jazz and celebrate their final defeat against the Warriors! 
Written By: Alyssa Iacono

Fall Formal!

On Halloween night the Pi Phis had their Fright Night fall formal! Our fall formal is very unique to our chapter because instead of dressing up in nice dresses and suits, we wear Halloween costumes. The girls are able to choose a couples costume, secretly deliver their date's costume to them, and reveal to their date who they are by wearing the matching side of the couples costume before leaving for formal! This has always been Pi Phi's favorite event because it is an Utah Alpha tradition that only our house does, so everyone always hopes to get asked so they can experience it as well. Everyone had a great time while they danced the night away and enjoyed the dessert bar at the beautiful venue! 
Written By: Alyssa Iacono 

Congratulations PC 13!

We are so proud to present to you all our 34 newly initiated members of Pi Beta Phi! Congratulations PC 13, and welcome to the best sisterhood around!